Who will win the Formula One drivers title?

Just a silly post to test the poll widget that WordPress has now included. You can nolw add polls to your posts from the post editor. So..

Just for a laugh! 🙂


Fantasy F1: Shanghai

Doh! I messed up and didn’t select my drivers and team in time. As it is near the end of the season and I am only allowed to select a driver up to 4 times this causes a problem. So, I only end up with Nakajima and Ferrari 😦 . Nakajima finished 12th and Ferrari came home in 2nd and 3rd. Only a few points gained.

The Shanghai race was the polar opposite to the last few races and really quite boring. Hamilton though is a changed man. He kept his head and completely dominated bringing it home in 1st. Thankfully he is now playing the numbers game and it will certainly make for an enticing finale in Brazil. There are many permutations but the basic one is the best Massa can hope for is a win and Hamilton finishes no higher than 5th. Looking good for Hamilton, but it isn’t over until the Fat Lady sings. And she ain’t singing yet..

Fantasy F1: Fuji

It was an action packed race at Fuji filled with controversy. Hamilton messed it up from the first lap when really he just need to score some points and not go for the win. Worse was still to come with a farcical decision to punish Bordais for causing an accident with Massa. This stripped Bourdais of well earned points but worryingly for Hamilton gave an extra point to Massa. Stewards need to get some consistency in the penalty decisions as the process is a joke at the moment 😦 .

Anyway, for the Fantasy F1 I had Massa, Glock, Nakajima and Ferrari. Massa finished 7th, Glock didn’t finish and Nakajima came home in 15th. Ferrari finished 3rd and 7th. So got a few points.

Google Earth Gigapxl photo viewing

This is what the internet was designed for. I’m speechless at this, you read it right that is a 1000 megapixel image. Or put another way you would need a video wall of 10,000 television screens to capture as much information as that contained in a single exposure (!?).

Load up Google Earth 4.3 and in the sidebar find Layers then drilldown through ‘Gallery’ and turn on ‘Gigapxl Photos’.

Now look for a mountain icon with binoculars and click to bring up the dialogue. Finally, click ‘Fly into this ultra high-resolution photo’. Now you can move and zoom all the way into the photo using normal Google Earth controls. Truly astonishing level of detail.

More techncal details can be found here.