Abandoned Street View

Google Street View is becoming my favourite application that has ever graced the internet. My current time waster is finding neglected, abandoned or deserted streets here in the UK. Here is a sample:

Would be interesting to know the history of this street. Simply abandoned? Or were people forced out for redevelopment?


Formula 1 2010 is go

Here goes then, the 2010 season is go πŸ™‚ So many driver changes this year with four World Champions on the grid. New teams areΒ  trying to get a car together to race which could spice up lapping later on in races. Biggest change is no refuelling so much heavier cars at the beginning of races.

The Lotus car looks the nicest to me, an ‘old’ new car with that distinctive colour scheme. Plus Heikki Kovalainen is driving for them, I’m a fan of the quiet F1 driver because he lists Nightwish as his favourite band πŸ˜‰

Fantasy F1: Brazil

Looks like Yahoo! have taken down the Fantasy F1 results and are not even doing a 2010 season :-(.

I can’t remember who I selected! But I do know Button became 2009 World Drivers Champion and Brawn GP became 2009 World Constructors Champion πŸ˜€