Fantasy F1: Spain

Spa09_01For the Spanish Grand Prix I selected Alonso, Button, Webber and Brawn GP.

It turned out to be an excellent selection with Alonso finishing 5th, Button 1st, Webber 3rd and Brawn GP cars 1st and 2nd. A huge haul of points 🙂


Fantasy F1: Bahrain

Bah09_01For the Bahrain GP I selected Alonso, Vettel, Rosberg and Red Bull.

Alsonse came home in 8th, Vettel in 2nd, Rosberg in 9th and Red Bull cars in 2nd and 11th. An average haul of points overall.

Lewis Hamilton shows us inside the McLaren Technology Centre

Lewis gives us a tour in this interesting video showing the inside of the McLaren Technology Centre.  The first thing I noticed is it is clinically clean. Check out the ‘clear desk’ policy later on in the video!! How can anyone work somewhere that tidy!?! That isn’t natural.

Lewis comes across as a easy going guy and completely different compared to when he is hounded by the press asking stupid questions trying to catch him out.

P.S The video looks very new, I think it was filmed the week after the Bahrain GP 2009 (end of April).

Why I don’t play the lottery..

I found an excellent lottery simulator which shows just how slim the chances are of winning a lottery jackpot (match 6 between 1 and 50). When you run the simulator you will NEVER play the lottery again! 😛

My results were:


To summarise: I had selected 6 numbers (2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12) and at 1 draw a week it took 3.9 million draws (or 76,100 years) to match all six numbers and claim the jackpot. In real time it took the java lottery simulator a little over four days of processing to match the numbers.

Next time friends or colleagues say they are going to have a go at a rollover jackpot or one of the big Euro lotteries and get all excited about spending the winnings, show them this simulator 😉