Raikkonen’s rally result – rolled Punto

And this is how his rally ended, with a spectacular roll into a ditch. You have to love the crowd, absolutely fantastic and so into it 🙂


Kimi Raikkonen in Rally Finland

This is fascinating, Raikkonen says that rally ‘is a hobby’, what a hobby to have! It must be a completely different challange to drive a rally spec Fiat Punto compared to the Ferrari F60 F1 car. Brilliant seeing him in other forms of motorsports. Maybe after his Ferrari F1 contract is up in 2010 he will enter WRC? Who knows, personally I think he should stay in F1 to grab another championship (not this year obviously!).

Lewis Hamilton shows us inside the McLaren Technology Centre

Lewis gives us a tour in this interesting video showing the inside of the McLaren Technology Centre.  The first thing I noticed is it is clinically clean. Check out the ‘clear desk’ policy later on in the video!! How can anyone work somewhere that tidy!?! That isn’t natural.

Lewis comes across as a easy going guy and completely different compared to when he is hounded by the press asking stupid questions trying to catch him out.

P.S The video looks very new, I think it was filmed the week after the Bahrain GP 2009 (end of April).

Fantasy F1: Australia

brawnf1Another Fantasy Formula One season starts this weekend. I’m sticking with Yahoo!’s Fantasy Grand Prix as it was good last season. The form of the drivers is unknown at the moment due to all the rule changes so I am going on the most recent tests and have selected the following:

  • Alonso
  • Barrichello
  • Button
  • Brawn F1

Obviously all the selections are made before qualifying. All my eggs are in one basket, but I am hoping Brawn F1 can carry their stunning tests to race day. Fingers crossed.

Formula One: 2009 season

Hurrah, the new F1 season starts this weekend. The rule changes are going to make it a good one and the BBC here in the UK have the coverage back so no more adverts. FULL UNINTERRUPTED RACING 🙂 . And everything will be one BBC iPlayer so you can watch the race when you want online. Brilliant stuff.

The first race of the season is in at Albert Park in Melbourne. Here is a Google Street View capture of the track on a normal day: