Media Converter – the free online audio and video converter

Media Converter is an awesome tool. Great for downloading and converting YouTube videos for your portable media player. Also able to just rip the audio from a video. Find a music video on YouTube you like and you can rip the audio to an MP3 file! Great stuff.


MP3 Player – Creative ZEN

My iPod mini packed up on me after 3 years service. It won’t hold charge very long and doesn’t want to charge from the car adapter for some reason. Anyway, I decided to try something new so after some research elected for a Creative Zen. Man, how far have MP3 players moved on in a few years? This player is the size of a credit card and holds 8Gb worth of media. The first thing you notice is the clear and crisp screen – it makes this player look very neat. Navigating is a breeze although I don’t know why Creative just didn’t include the play and back buttons on the ‘joypad’ instead of additional ones. Sound quality is great and I don’t have a problem with the cheap earphones that come with it. My next project with this is to upload my favourite YouTube videos for easy viewing. I have one video working and it is impressive. You can also upload and browse photos – this shows of the quality of the screen well!

Only one gripe and that is the ridiculously short usb connection cable. Not very easy to use whatever situation you are in. Problem is overcome with a USB extension lead but it would have been nice to see a longer one packed with the player.

Here are some photos: