Everyday Photo project

Following watching the fantastic ‘Noah takes a photo of himself every day for 6 years‘ video last January I decided to try my own. I didn’t do any research, so the results are nowhere near as good as Noah’s. Here was the process:

  1. Save photos to a folder some place (obviously)
  2. Batch resize the images to 640×480 using the batch conversion function in IrfanView and output to a new folder called resized. (don’t want to touch originals).
  3. Manually aligned the images so my left eye aligned with pixel 284×225 and saved to a new folder called aligned. I used GIMP 2 for this.
  4. Imported all the aligned images into Windows Movie Maker and set the transition time to 0.25 seconds.
  5. Added a backing track and aligned to start at the right time

Now, I made some big mistakes along the way! I found out I am crap at taking photos and only realised after 300+ shots that I should use no flash and have a light source behind my camera. You will notice the last 5 seconds of photos are quite good.

Another mistake I made was in how I aligned the photos. Because I moved and cropped them I ended up with a ‘shifting’ white background. I am struggling to work out a way round this. I also mis-aligned a few photos.

Finally, I need new clothes and hair style as I hardly change in the photos 😉