Bank Error In My Favour: Collect $95,000

moneyI absolutely love this story. Back in 1995 a guy deposited a junk mail cheque that dropped through his door into his bank account. One of the ones that look real but just want to suck you into a get rch quick scheme.

He was just curious and wondered what would happen, surely it would be flagged as a dishonourable cheque? Surely?

Bank Error n My Favour: Collect $95,000


Panoramic photos

Snowy clear morningI don’t keep up to date with the latest mobile phones, I just want something that calls, texts, and takes the occasional photograph. Recently my phone provider upgraded my phone to a Nokia 6500c and I am impressed with it. Scarily it now has a higher resolution camera than my proper digital camera which I purchased 4 years ago. The photo results on the 6500c are impressive for a mobile (well to me anyway).

I was mucking about with the phone playing with the camera and decided to try a panoramic shot to see how it turns out. First problem is my phone doesn’t do panoramic (I can’t find the option if it does and I ain’t going to RTFM).  I grabbed a few photos of the gorgeous wintery weather we are having at the moment and made sure each shot had about 20% of an overlap.

Next I opened Windows Live Photo Gallery* and imported the photos. I then selected the four photos and from the Make menu selected Create a panoramic photo.. The software done its magic, I gave the new creation a file name and this is the result:  🙂

Click for full suer size

Click for full super size

I must learn how to move the camera in a straight arc when taking photos though as the results show how much I moved it vertically. Cool bit of software and impressive quality photo for a mobile phone.

*I think the default install of Windows Photo Gallery on XP and Vista is different from Windows Live Photo Gallery as it doesn’t have the ‘Make’ menu. The update at the link above does have the extra features. A little confusing.

News priorities

newsskewI despair at the news sometimes. Take a look at the screenshot from the ‘MSN Today’ headlines which popped up when checking Hotmail earlier. Notice something wrong? Why oh why is the Big Brother “story” above the news that Boeing is to lay off 10,000 workers? Is that all we care about these days, the cult of the celebrity and inane TV shows? I have ignored the weather story on purpose; Here in the UK we have had an obsession for the weather since the begining of time. Maybe it is at the top because if we have 0.2cm of snow the national infrastructure stops and we get warned to stay at home for our safety. But I won’t even go there…