Fantasy F1: Hungary (Selection)

For the Hungarian GP I have selected Hamilton, Webber, Piquet and Mclaren. Come on Hamilton and Mclaren, get me some points! 🙂


Fantasy F1: Germany

For the German GP I had Hamilton, Nakajima, Coulthard and McLaren. I can finally start selecting the two big constructors now we are in the second half of the season. Hamilton came 1st (woo hoo!), Nakajima 14th and Coulthard 13th. McLaren came 1st and 5th. A very good haul of points here.

Fantasy F1: Canada

For the Canadian GP I had Raikkonen, Webber, Coulthard and Red Bull Racing again. Raikkonen was taken out by Hamilton, Webber came home 12th and Coulthard came 3rd. Red Bull Racing came home in 3rd and 12th. Coulthard salvaged some Fantasy F1 points here for me!