Google Liquid Galaxy live demo at TED

So this is what project work is like at Google..


Property search

Been playing with a rather excellent property search tool where you draw the search area you want and available properties are displayed. A great and far more intuitive way of searching for properties:

Right Move Draw-A-Search

It led to a tangent and I started looking around what must be the most expensive area of the UK; Sandbanks in Poole. Ouch at the prices there! 🙂 Here is a sample:


Abandoned Street View

Google Street View is becoming my favourite application that has ever graced the internet. My current time waster is finding neglected, abandoned or deserted streets here in the UK. Here is a sample:

Would be interesting to know the history of this street. Simply abandoned? Or were people forced out for redevelopment?

Google Street View UK

I am truly fascinated by the brilliantness of Google Street View in the UK that has recently been made live. The quality of the images is amazing. I really want to know how many photos are stitched together to cover just the handful of cities in the UK. How do they get lined up so perfectly? How much storage space do they take up? Fascinating stuff.

Anyway, here is a warm welcome from someone in Edinburgh 😉 :