Formula One: IT

I think it maybe more glamorous than it sounds but I would love to work in ‘IT support’ for a Formula One team. Check out these screen grabs from Melbourne qualifying. It is unusual to have a quick glance behind the scenes:

Is that a rack of servers I see in the background of one of the shots? Anyway, sure is some serious hardware with statistics galore 🙂


Fantasy F1: China

chi09_01The weather played another lead part in the early F1 season – a full wet race was had. Conditions were tricky and the drivers would have been better off with canoes to be honest 😉

An awesome race though and the young genius, Sebastian Vettel, proved he is the new ‘rain master’ by destroying the opposition. Seriously, Coulthard must be pissed off: He retires, Vettel steps in and 3 races later posts Red Bull’s first win! I think the 21 year old will win a World Drivers Championship within 5 years, he is that good.

I had Kovalainen, Barrichello, Button and Brawn GP selected for this GP. Kovalainen came home in 5th to score his first points of the season, Barrichello 4th, Button 3rd and Brawn GP 3rd and 4th. Another good haul of points 🙂

Fantasy F1: Malaysia

mal09_01Continuing the excellent and unpredictable start to the season, the weather decided to have a roll of the dice. And it came up double 6. Not seen a red flagged race for many years, and you need to go even further back for a 0.5 points situation.

I selected Alonso, Barrichello, Button and Brawn F1. Button came home in 1st, Barrichello in 5th and Alonso 11th. Brawn F1 came home in 1st and 5th. Another very good haul of points, I just wish Brawn and co. could be selected all season 😉

Fantasy F1: Australia (results)

What a barnstorming start to the F1 season. My best selection yet, unofrtunately it wasn’t for money. I selected Button, Barrichello, Alonso and Brawn GP. Button came home 1st, Barrichello 2nd, Alonso 5th and Brawn GP 1st and 2nd. A massive haul of points (57!).