Google Liquid Galaxy live demo at TED

So this is what project work is like at Google..


Property search

Been playing with a rather excellent property search tool where you draw the search area you want and available properties are displayed. A great and far more intuitive way of searching for properties:

Right Move Draw-A-Search

It led to a tangent and I started looking around what must be the most expensive area of the UK; Sandbanks in Poole. Ouch at the prices there! 🙂 Here is a sample:


New gadget – Garmin Edge 500

I have a new gadget, a Garmin Edge 500 cycle computer. I love stats and google maps so caved in quite easily when I saw this device. Even for recreational use it is fascinating (It looks like it is designed for sport training). The detail you can get about your rides is really interesting. I’ve only done two test rides so far and here is are the stats for one of them:

Cycling Route 2 by cyclingjimbob at Garmin Connect – Details

On the stats check out the ‘player’ option – this overlays the journey with the graph data. Very neat.

I’ve hardly touched the surface with it so far, there are many advanced features I haven’t tried out yet. Strangely, buying this device has motivated me to go out cycling more often

Abandoned Street View

Google Street View is becoming my favourite application that has ever graced the internet. My current time waster is finding neglected, abandoned or deserted streets here in the UK. Here is a sample:

Would be interesting to know the history of this street. Simply abandoned? Or were people forced out for redevelopment?