Stunt Car Racer

scr_amigaWatching some old videogame videos on YouTube the other day somehow fired an urge to try out ‘Stunt Car Racer‘ again. I remeber it as an excellent driving game from yesteryear and probably the first 3d driving game I remember.

Playing it now brought back the memories of how well the game portrayed height and speed, all on humble 8 and 16bit computers with such little amount of RAM, CPU power and no hard drives.

If ever there was a game crying out for a ‘refresh’ this would get my vote. This would fit perfectly on Xbox Live Arcade.  However, no playing around with the gameplay or controls, just spice up the frames-per-second, sound and graphics 🙂

For now I will enjoy it on WinUAE, the Amiga emulator.


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