Driving games and professional drivers

This absolutely fascinates me. I have been a ‘driving game’ fan on PCs and consoles for many years. I have been enthralled with the progress driving games have made over the years. From Pole Position to Indy Car Racing. From Grand Prix Legends to GTR2. And on the arcadey side of things PGR4 and Grid. The joy of all these games was the ability for them to consume me into trying to better my laptimes and performance.

Games featuring real-life tracks are a favourite, I would be so engrossed in them. I would like to imagine ‘being there’. Man, I can usually tell a track in real life from the first few corners on TV footage! 🙂

In the early days ‘racing’ against CPU AI was frustrating fun. Today, racing against friends in a LAN or Xbox Live environment is something else on another level. The same can be said for the realism, physics in driving games have progressed at an amazing rate. With so much CPU grunt in todays machines much more stuff can be calculated and thrown around the environment. Just look at Grid and watch the tyre walls and cones scatter around the track when hit. Then examine the damage on your car. Amazing.

Couple into that my interest in motorsport and the two join very nicely. I have followed F1 for years but also like GP2 (due to using same cars), WRC Rally, FIA GT and Moto GP. When I am watching races I often wonder how the professional drivers would fare at driving games and how the games compare to the reality (odd I know!). I have found one professional driver in the FIA GT series who also plays driving games. His lap of Silverstone on rFactor is a joy to watch. Professional drivers playing videogames? Who would have thought it?

Anyway, back to the point of this post. I have always wanted to know what F1 teams use for their simulators and have finally found this video. Fascinating, a bespoke simulator just for Williams! This is Nico Rosberg driving the new track in Singapore. Would love to see behind the scenes, how it works and what it runs on:


3 thoughts on “Driving games and professional drivers

  1. simdeck says:

    Hi Jimbob
    You might like to visit my site http://www.simdeck.com where I make a career our of racin gin the Formula simularo race car.

    • jimbob666 says:

      I like your website! That sounds like an excellent profession, I love driving sims and enjoyed GTR2 and rFactor on the PC. Currently really enjoying RacePro on the Xbox (Yeah I know, a console sim!).

      What software do you use for your racing Sims, is it rFactor?

  2. simdeck says:

    Hi Jimbo
    Have you signed up yet for iopenermedia.com. The system will be launching soon

    We use LFS, rFactor and Netkar. Depends on the scenario and situation at the time.
    Thanks for visiting my web site.

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